Venphos 400 SL

Benefits of Venphos 400 SL:

  • Venphos 400 SL eradicates organisms causing Downy mildew and phytophthora in the plant system. 
  • Venphos 400 SL can be used as bio stimulant to develop internal resistance against Oomycetes Class of fungi. 
  • Venphos 400 SL being systemic in action, ensures better absorption. 
  • Venphos 400 SL degraded product can be used by the plants as nutrients. 
  • Venphos 400 SL is ecologically safe and environmentally friendly. 
  • Venphos 400 SL is a water-soluble formulation based on potassium salt for phosphorus acid. 
  • Venphos 400 SL a product having systemic action working as a disease suppressor with protective & curative actions. 
  • Venphos 400 SL is also very popular on grape, pomegranate, tomato, chili, potato, brinjal, cardamom, arecanut etc. 
  • Venphos 400 SL is also very effective on cotton, soybean, all fruit crops, vegetable, and ornamental crops. 
  • Venphos 400 SL is well suited for foliar application & soil drench.


  • Spraying: 2 ml of Venphos 400 SL is dissolve in 1 liter of clean water for all types of agricultural and vegetable & fruit crops.
  • Drenching: 500 ml Venphos 400 SL use for 1 acre through drip irrigation or drenching.


Spray Venphos 400 SL preferably at evening in high Humidity & low temperature conditions.


Venphos 400 SL is compatible with almost all fungicides, insecticides & water-soluble fertilizers. We recommend to go for jar test. Check the compatibility of Venphos 400 SL with an input to be used.