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Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt Ltd (VAPL India) was established on March 2007 emphasizing on marketing of Input (Biofertilizer, Biopesticide & Plant Growth Promoter) for all cultivable crops. In its decade journey, VAPL India has set a new standard of corporate performance, reliable quality products, soil and plant analyses and fertilizer recommendation services to meet the world class standard. Vyenkatesh Agro trade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) specializes in organic farming Input product and prides itself in being able to provide satisfaction through using a fine balance of technology and practical experience.

Our product range has been developed over the years to meet the market’s expectations of specialized /expert diversification. Knowledge of latest practices, technology and product development is continually intertwined with the essence of Asian farming to produce high quality input.

To improve productivity for farmers through a system that delivered affordable good quality input   in an efficient manner.

To develop a competitive, efficient and transparent agricultural input marketing strategy for promoting organic, Eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices in respect to satisfaction of the producer or farmer.