Vengold - SH

Benefits of Vengold- SH

  • Vengold- SH is a proprietary research product derived from various organic sources of plant origin by natural extraction process.
  • Vengold- SH contains natural soil conditioning substances for improving Soil & Plant health.
  • Vengold- SH have an excellent ability of holding water almost by 7 times of its weight, greater water holding capacity than clay soil.
  • Vengold- SH enables roots to quickly access available nutrients required for vigorous plant growth and more yield with better quality produce.
  • Vengold- SH increasing efficiency of fertilizers.
  • Vengold- SH helps in supplying the nutrients to the crop which beneficial but not meet from soil.
  • Vengold- SH helps to avail food for beneficial micro flora in the soil which helps in increasing the productivity of the soil & organic carbon.

Features of
Vengold - SH

  • Vengold- SH is 100% organic product.
  • Savings in 20 to 30% chemical fertilizers.
  • Vengold- SH is completely safe for humans, animals, birds & the environment.

How to use
Vengold- SH

  • Mixing with any chemical, organic or biological fertilizer.
  • Through drip irrigation or drenching.
  • Mixing with 40 to 50 dry soil.


For Vegetable & Field Crops:

  1. 1st Dose: At the time of sowing seeds or transplanting apply 500 gm per acre.
  2. 2nd Dose: In the stage of flowering or fruit development apply 500 gm per acre.

For Fruit Crops:

  1. 1st Dose: At the time of picking bahar or in peak vegetative growth stage apply 500 gm in soil.
  2. 2nd Dose: In the stage of fruit setting or fruit development stage  apply 500 gm in soil.

Precaution : Vengold– SH is compatible with almost all kind of fertilizers except highly acidic fertilizers.