Benefits of Bhusampada:

  • Disolve the insoluble Minerals in soil.
  • Makes the soil Porous.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
  • More growth of the white roots of the crop.
  • Helps in supplying the micronutrients to the crop.
  • Growth of beneficial Micro flora in the soil which helps in increasing the productivity of the soil.
  • Increase the organic carbon in the soil.
  • Helps in the fixation of nitrogen in the soil.

Features of Bhusampada:

  • Bhusampada is 100% organic product.
  • Savings in 20 to 30% chemical fertilizers.
  • Bhusampada is completely safe for human, animal, birds & environment.


How to use Bhusampada

  • Mixing with any chemical, organic or biological fertilizer.
  • Through drip irrigation or drenching.
  • Mixing with 40 to 50 dry soil.


  • 1st dose at the time of sowing seeds or transplanting apply 250 gm per acre.
  • 2nd dose in the stage of flowering or fruit development apply 250 gm per acre

Precaution : After applying Bhusampada in soil needs to irrigate land.